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White doors, cream walls – I love the simplicity in the colors.


Ombre Canvas Art

Rustic Romantic

Valentines day is almost upon us! To help get in a festive mood (and because hearts are one of my favorite shapes) I have created these ombre heart canvases (apologies for the crappy pictures. My camera isn’t working, so I had to use my phone):


If you want it to be more Valentine-y, you could use different shades of red and pink. I however, plan on having these up on my walls for longer than just February, and blue and green are my favorite colors.

All you need are:

Canvas- any size, any amount
Heart (or whatever your favorite shape might be) paper puncher
Paint sample strips in varying colors
Glue dots

You can go to your local Walmart, or wherever there is paint and get a bunch of paint sample strips. I felt weird at first grabbing a bunch of paper strips and shoving them into my…

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